Guangzhou tourism business vocational school


        Guangzhou Tourism Business Vocational School is a full-time secondary vocational and technical school approved by Guangzhou Education Bureau in 1981. It is sponsored by Guangzhou People's Government and directly managed by Guangzhou Education Bureau. The school now has more than 4,500 students in full-time ordinary secondary vocational schools. It is the first batch of demonstration schools for secondary vocational education reform and development, the advanced units of Vocational Education in China, the "base of Chinese culture inheritance" in Guangdong Province, the home of model workers in Guangdong Province, and the star-rated parents'school in Guangzhou.。    

        The school fully implements the Party's educational policy, adheres to the correct direction of running a school, takes "everyone can become a talent, everyone can display their talents" as the school-running concept, adhering to the school motto of "sincere, artistic, beautiful, happy students", carrying forward the spirit of "self-improvement, the pursuit of excellence", and adhering to accelerate the development, enhance the connotation and administer the school according to law. Innovating the working principle of cooperation, actively adapting to the needs of economic and social development and students'development, carrying out the reform of school-running mode and personnel training mode, strengthening the cooperation between schools and enterprises, integrating production and teaching, constantly improving the school-shop integration mode, creating an educational atmosphere of "going to school like going to work, going to class like going to work". The "three platforms, three bases" school-enterprise cooperation mechanism actively promotes the collectivization of school running, standardized school running, characteristic school running and realizes the comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development of school scale, structure, quality and efficiency.    

        The school has two teaching areas, the headquarters of Shixi School and Qianjin Road Campus. The total area of the campus is 146.9 mu, the building area of the school is 117.977 million square meters, the total value of teaching instruments and equipment is 62.773 million yuan, the field area of practice and training is 132,282.86 square meters, 30 practice and training rooms, and 88 off-campus practice bases. There are 332 staff, including 256 full-time teachers, 30.46% of the total number of full-time teachers with senior professional titles, 98.05% of the total number of full-time teachers with "double-qualified" teachers, including 120 senior technicians, 74 technicians, 99.61% of the total number of full-time teachers with bachelor's degree or above, 120 in-service masters and graduate teachers. It accounts for 37.62% of teaching staff.    

        The school has five major departments, namely, tourism management, business foreign language, cooking management, economic management, media and image design, and has set up high-star hotel operation and management, tourism service and management, tea art and tea marketing, Convention and exhibition services and management, business English, business Japanese, business French, business German, Chinese cuisine and Chinese cuisine. Nutritional meals, Western food cooking, accounting, financial affairs, international business, e-commerce, hairdressing and image design and other 18 professions, set up Western-style beverage operation and management, baking technology and advanced bakery management, international cruise service and other professional directions, including high-star hotel operation and management, tourism services and management, Chinese food Cooking and nutrition, business English and accounting are the key subjects in Guangdong province. Affiliated institutions include Guangzhou Adult Education Training Center, Guangzhou Education International Travel Agency, Guangzhou Nanxing Tour Guide Service Management Company, Hui American International Commercial Building, Conghua Chunhuiyuan Student Practice Base, etc. School running is closely related to the industry and market, leading the establishment of 189 enterprises, industries, institutions joined by the Guangzhou Tourism Business Vocational Education Group. It has established cooperative relations with 21 foreign educational institutions to carry out activities such as teacher exchange and training, student employment and exchange, curriculum cooperation and exchange.    

        Schools, according to the requirements of the Ministry of education, are fully open to all disciplines. With the implementation of the new curriculum standards, students can choose courses according to their own interests and specialties, and those who have the ability to learn can take part-time courses in the second major. The school has established stable cooperative exchanges with 13 countries and regions such as Britain, Germany, New Zealand, Canada and Singapore, and trained tourism and business talents with an international perspective. In recent years, more than 150 teachers have gone abroad to study and exchange, and only about 500 students have been sent abroad to New Zealand and Singapore.    

        Schools have secondary vocational promotion undergraduate, independent enrollment examination, 3 + professional skills certificate college entrance examination, 32 section of higher vocational education through the form of admission to undergraduate colleges, vocational colleges, smooth channels.    

        The school has the first vocational skill appraisal institute of Guangzhou granted by the labor and social security department. The school has been recognized by the industry. It is the vice-chairman unit of Guangdong Cuisine Association, the vice-chairman unit of Guangdong Beauty and Hairdressing Association, the vice-chairman unit of Guangdong and Guangzhou Vocational Education Association, and the vice-chairman unit of Guangzhou Cuisine Association. . The school is a teacher training base in Guangzhou, a principal training base in Guangdong Province, and a continuing education and training base for primary and secondary school teachers in Guangzhou. The quality of school running has been widely praised by the society."Cradle of tourism business talents in Guangdong"。